Baby Tested, Pope Approved

Several weeks ago our fearless leader, Shannon, posted a picture in our inter-office communication app. I was expecting to see a goofy GIF, but what I found when I opened the message was something way better: Say WHAAAT? Do you see those blue beads around the baby's neck? That is a Chews Life Rosary, people! Excitement … Continue reading Baby Tested, Pope Approved


Back to Work

It’s hard to feel like I’m doing anything *well* when I am dividing my time and attention.  But that’s where GRACE comes in. I do my best, and God fills in the gaps. He always does.

Meet Our Summer Brand Reps!

Back in May, we went on a search for Chews Life fans to help us spread the word about our products in exchange for free stuff and a friends and family discount. We didn’t have to look far! The entries poured in, and choosing only a handful was TOUGH; you moms take amazing photos of adorable kids! We finally narrowed it down to six winners to be our first ever Chews Life Brand Reps for the summer season. Without further ado, we would like to introduce you to a few of our awesome Chews Life Brand Reps…