Baby Tested, Pope Approved

Several weeks ago our fearless leader, Shannon, posted a picture in our inter-office communication app. I was expecting to see a goofy GIF, but what I found when I opened the message was something way better:

Say WHAAAT? Do you see those blue beads around the baby’s neck? That is a Chews Life Rosary, people! Excitement followed:


And my goodness, could this kid be any cuter?

image3 (1)

I was really excited to post a clever “Baby Tested, Pope Approved” image. Until I was informed that there could be legal ramifications to insinuating that the Pope supports our company, when in fact, he really just likes blessing babies and kissing their foreheads.

So here is my disclaimer: No, the Pope has not technically approved of Chews Life Rosaries.

But he HAS endorsed praying the rosary, and he DOES approve of babies. And he would definitely approve of babies being exposed to the rosary at a very early age.  So, I’m going to guess the pope would not just approve of Chews Life, but he would probably love us.

In fact I think we should just change our tagline: The Pope LOVES Chews Life Rosaries, and Your Baby Will Too.

There. I’m sure that won’t get us in any trouble. 😉


photo credits: Vatican Media



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