Back to Work

back to workAfter three glorious✨weeks of cuddling, Henry and I are easing back into work! And let’s be real: it’s not easy!

Even though I have arguably the greatest, most fulfilling, most flexible job on the planet 🌎, working with the most incredible women 👯‍, it’s HARD balancing mom life and work life. It’s hard to feel like I’m doing anything *well* when I am dividing my time and attention.

But that’s where GRACE comes in. I do my best, and God fills in the gaps. He always does:

❤️He gives me grandparents and siblings to give the littles attention when I can’t.

🌷He gives me the most incredible coworkers (and friends) to pick up my work slack. ☕️He gives me coffee when I’m running low on sleep. (It may not be Starbucks, but it works almost as well😆)

And I have to show MYSELF a little grace, too. Allow time to water my vegetable garden 🌱, stare in awe at my newborn’s gorgeous face 👶, and eat some dark chocolate at 3am when nobody is looking 🍫.

Life is so good. I am so blessed. And this is the *daily grind to greatness* to which I am called by my Heavenly Father Who LOVES ME.

So, hero moms. I want to see what YOUR daily grind to greatness looks like. Post a picture on Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtag #grindtogreatness. Does it look like a messy house and a smiling baby? Does it look like an overflowing grocery cart? A tantrum in the car? Let me see! Tag us in the photo and we’ll choose someone to win $15 shop credit today.

All my love and prayers for each of you. 💕-Whitney


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