Meet Our Summer Brand Reps!

Back in May, we went on a search for Chews Life fans to help us spread the word about our products in exchange for free stuff and a friends and family discount. We didn’t have to look far! The entries poured in, and choosing only a handful was TOUGH; you moms take amazing photos of adorable kids! We finally narrowed it down to six winners to be our first ever Chews Life Brand Reps for the summer season.

Without further ado, we would like to introduce you to a few of our awesome Chews Life Brand Reps…

Amy  @momof7even

@momof7even (1)

Hi, my name is Amy and I am a Catholic mom of 7 precious children. My husband and I are both converts and are absolutely in love with all things Catholic! We love learning about the Saints, praying the Rosary, and reading scripture together. Our 1 year old twins keep us super busy these days but oh my goodness they bring us all so much joy! Being a wife and mom is such a wonderful adventure and even on the really hard days I thank God for blessing me with my sweet and crazy family!

Carey @careyhelmick

Hi! I’m Carey Helmick, a Catholic mama living in the DC area with husband Kyle and son Rory. We love to take our Chews Life gear everywhere we go, from running errands to exploring the city to hiking in the mountains to family vacations! But if we’re being honest, we’re most likely to be using them at home, relaxing, and saying a bedtime prayer or two.
I love connecting with other mamas over Instagram and through blogging so feel free to look me up! 

Nicole @frontierdreams

@careyhelmick (1)

Hey there! My name is Nicole Spring AKA wife, homeschooling Mama to four sweet
little ones, homemaker of the radical kind, knitter, cook, seamstress, student of life as well as my children, crafter, girl of all trades and always with a camera in hand to document our days so we may look back at these glorious yet exhausting times. I know this is not the norm but if I had my way I would always be pregnant. There is just something about being a vessel for God’s greatest gift that just makes me feel my very best, even through the morning sickness and restless nights. I pray I will be blessed with more precious gifts in my life. My children share my desire, always praying for more sisters and brothers. I love how much they love.
I am a Catholic convert. My family and I were raised Protestant as that was my Grandmother’s faith but my Grandfather was actually a cradle Catholic. He gave up his faith to be able to marry my Grandmother, something I had only discovered after his death. My Irish heritage always seemed to call me home – so much so in fact that I briefly thought I was Catholic in my late childhood years (after my Grandmother had passed away making church too painful for my mother to attend). Obviously I knew nothing of faith back then and had a lot to learn. I still do. I am blessed to have children that love to learn right along with me. I finally found my home in the church back in 2013 thanks to the encouragement of some wonderful friends, my oldest daughter (then 8) and I believe my beloved Grandfather had a role to play as well.

Do you have a little one who loves to #ChewsLife? Do you love taking stylish photos? Do you love to support small Catholic businesses? Joining the Chews Life Brand Rep Team might be for you!We will soon begin our Fall Brand Rep Search! We will be looking for a few enthusiastic fans to help us show off our goodies to the world in exchange for some pretty sweet freebies each month and a discount you can share with your friends and family! (International entries welcome! But may be asked to cover the added shipping cost of your prize pack.)

Entry period will happen in August, with the Fall Brand Rep term lasting from September through November 2017.  Follow us on Instagram @chewslifeshop or Facebook at for more details when the search begins!

To enter, please share this image on your IG page, explain why you’d like to be chosen and include the tags #WeChewsLife and #ChewsLifeBrandRepSearch.

We’re looking for Mamas who will post at least two photos per week that showcase our items, for the entire 3 month term (September-November). Each month you will receive a goodie box with some new items, as well as some tried and true favorites! {We’ll share your images on all our social media channels and direct some fans back to your page as well!}

We will be looking for Mamas who take high quality photos! But most importantly, help us to see why you love our products and why you want to shout about it from the rooftops!

Nitty Gritty Details

To be chosen, your Instagram account must be public. All images you share, you agree to allow us to use as we see fit. Our term of agreement with our selected Brand Reps will begin on September 1st and end on November 30th. They will receive their 1st package prior to September 1st, and will receive 2 more packages over the fall. They will also receive a coupon code to share with friends and family for 10% off and Brand Reps will receive 10% of those sales in the form of shop credit. That coupon code will expire on November 30th 2017. Shop credit expires on 12/31/2017. If for any reason, the chosen reps are unable to fulfil their agreement, freebie packages will cease.



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